Thursday, May 31, 2007

Love Birds

On May 29th my sweet parents celebrated a lovely wedding anniversary. I'm sure I talked to my mom a hundered times that day and never said Happy Anniversary. I am so sorry! And a nice shout out to my bro and sis for reminding me! LOL Just joking. I should have remembered...I'm a bad daughter! I'm sure I was at the ballpark or something. Anyway, no excuses!

So, Mom and Dad....Happy Anniversary. We all love you both so much and thank God for your relationship and the examples that you set everyday. You are awesome parents and the best Neena and Papaw in the world!


Lynn said...

OH MY GOSH....who are those people in that faded picture. That poor girl looks like she is being kidnapped to a foreign land. Oh yeah, now I remember. Thanks sugar. You made 36 years awful sweet. At least 34 of them.

Ashley said... a rose on my nose! I remembered and told her...even though I was at the emergency room with KIDNEY STONES. When I got out I told her..


Lacie said...

I love the picture! Your Mom looks like Ashley! Or is it...Ashley looks like your Mom in that picture! Whatever!!!LOL

Giggi said...

Who are those babies? I thought she was 36! Happy anniversary Doty's!

Heather said...

Thanks for reminding me Ash you little butthead. See if I ever remind you of anything again! LOL

Holly said...

I think this picture is just beautiful. You can see the love and hope in the future the way they are looking at each other. How special!