Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Today is a very special day. One that, in my books, is the best day of the year! :)

As mothers sometimes we get stepped on, puked on, peed on, pooped on, toes ran over by bike/scooter tires (yes, its true), things spilled on us and an occasional slap in the face by kids while all are in my bed. We have to know how to pitch a baseball, duct tape a wiffle ball back together, dress barbies, Polly Pockets, listen to Dora the Explorer over and over, watch ESPN, know who all the Astro players are and some stats and Band-Aid all boo-boos.

And of course, my favorite days are the days when we get hugged, kissed, snuggled, told we are loved, an occasional "thanks, Mom" and you are special mom and a "here are some flowers I picked just for you".

I love being a mom. It is one of the greatest joys of my life. I never knew that being a mom could be so rewarding. My kids are my life, and as God planned, my responsiblity. Yikes...thats scary! HA Being in charge of someones little soul is sometimes more than I can bear but with lots of prayer and God's help, I might make it through. :) My children are a blessing...they make me strive to be a better christian, a better mom, and better wife....I love them so much.

I am the mom I am today because my Mom loves me and my siblings so much. She always has showed us that unconditional love that I hope I show my children. I know for a fact that I gave her a few gray hairs. I better not rehash my teenage years. I don't know what came over me! HAHA But, I think that's normal. I hope. I'm sure I will get back what I deserve. :)

A "few" things about Mom:

*She is a beautiful woman, inside and out.

*She is our rock.
*She is fun, hip and spunky. And always has been.

*She is the mother that all my friends in high school wanted! :)

*She is so much fun to be around.

* She is the best Neena in the universe. My children talk about her daily...we love Neena...ALOT!

*She loves my kids and would do anything for them.

*She is a great listener...but also the best advice giver.

*She speaks from the heart.

*She is the best writer I know.

*She loves to shop and can talk you into buying anything. HA :)

*She loves all her children and grandchildren equally.

*She loves to sing and she is awesome at it.

*She is a very strong woman....I admire that.

*She takes pictures at every event. Thank goodness! :)

*She can hug me and make everything better.

*She's always there when ever you need her.

*She loves her God and it shows all over her face.

*She is a truly a remarkable mother and Neena and I love her with all my heart.

I could have made a list a mile wide but I'll stop for now. :) So to my Mommy, I just wanted to say...Happy Mother's Day. I love you to the moon and back.


Lynn said... spite of all the mistakes I made as a mother God guided me and helped me raise the most amazing children. You couldn't possibly realize the pride and love I have for you. Or, maybe you do.....I bet you do. I love you too first love. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Ashley said...

Are you striving for "Child of the Year"?


I love you too Mom. I just dont have the energy to write a loving tribute. So pretend I helped Heather write hers. I agree with it.

Love you too sissy

Anonymous said...

Hello....I am the adopted child. I was given the name Mitchell!

Ashley said...

Hello adopted child. You should write a blog. Get with it bubs

Lacie said...

Ok- it is just as much fun to read the comments as it is the blog!

Heather- your a great mom! Thanks for the wonderful weekend! My family had a blast!

Holly said...

I love all the nice things you said about your mom. She did such a super job raising a wonderful daughter...YOU!!

Giggi said...

Happy Mothers Day! You do have a great mom! She was one of my three moms, at least she thought she was. I gave her a lot of practice! We are blessed with great moms, & you definitely follow that tradition! Love you baby Hezzy!