Monday, July 25, 2005

Tylenol, Motrin..whatever works

We have been a little puny lately. I think I started it with a headache and fever for me. It's just a viral infection but it lasts for about 3-4 days. Macy had it last week and was pretty pitiful. I ended up taking her to the doctor because I thought she might have strep, it was the viral infection. She is finally her old self and back to playing play-doh, barbies and making big messes! Yesterday while I was getting ready for church, Reid started feeling bad. I let him stay home with Troy and by the time I got home he had a fever and bad headache....UGH!! He ran fever all thru the night and this morning is a little better but still laying around complaining of a headache...the fever is a little better but he is still not himself. Right now he is watching Toy my bed. I hope Troy doesn't get it!

I was thinking today of times when I was sick and all the things my mom would do for me. I remember her making a "bed" for us on the couch so we could watch TV while we were sick, how wonderful the clean sheets felt when she changed them after us being sick, soup and crackers, I remember Nana always bringing popsicles out to us. And of course the TLC that Mom gave us until we felt better. :) I still wish for that TLC and for popsicles when I am sick. I know being sick isn't the best memory but anyone remember things your mom or dad would do for you that was special?

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Lynn said...

Well, I just can't help it. You are 30 + years old and if you lived closer to me I would still rock you, change your sheets, take your temperature and care for you (ALL 4 OF YOU) when you are sick. I guess it is the "nurse wannabe" in me but mostly it is just because I love you SO MUCH ! You forget to mention the neat little TV tray I would fix up with water, snacks, remote, phone and everything accesible to you so you wouldn't have to get up. Sometimes I amaze even myself! But, you know what? I learned it from my amazing MOM. She'd still (and does) do it for me too.