Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy 4th of July

What a busy summer this has been! I can't believe that it is about half way over and school will be starting soon. I also can't believe that I will have a 3rd grader....that is unbelievable. I still feel (at times) like I am a kid myself. We have been doing a little driving this summer.....we went to Lake Conroe the last two weekends. Troys parents have a time share thing there and we stayed there and went swimming, played putt-putt, went out on the boat and played dominoes and sequence all weekend. It was fun and very relaxing. Reid had fun hanging out with Eric and Marc....they are 15 and Reid thinks they are pretty cool. All they do is burp, toot, and talk about girls.....I hope Reid didn't catch on to any of that! We go to Schlitterbahn in 2 weeks with them...that ought to be exciting...more burping, yeah :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th....I think we will be heading to the 'ville to watch the fireworks in the big 'ole town of Rosanky...population 25...saluuuuuutttttteeeee!! No, really I bet they are pretty good...I'll let you know :) Troy has to work this weekend so I'll be traveling with the's torture sometimes. Macy is potty trained but we have to stop in every other town to tinkle. It takes us all day to get there....Oh, well...I know all the good stops! There is this one stop in Ellinger that I always stop at whether thy have to tee-tee or not. It has a very cute gift shop inside with scrapbook stuff!!! VERY CUTE!!

Have a great weekend!!

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Lynn said...

Hey baby girl!

It's time for a new post. I guess you are busy packing today but surely you have something to write about. Or wait until you are back from the 'bahn' and include it with all the 4th activities! Give the kids and Troy a hug. Love you all.