Tuesday, February 08, 2005


This weekend was spent in The 'Ville celebrating my mom's birthday. She turned @#$#@ on Sunday. (don't know if she wants her age posted or not :-) ......) We got to have Nana's yummy red velvet cake. Oh my gosh, it is so good! She has perfected that cake to a tee!! I have tried making it once and it turned out to be a big 'ole mess!! I think mom had a good birthday......she woke up sick but was a good trooper the rest of the day. It stinks when you don't feel good and you have company. Huh, Mom?? We all tried to leave fairly early so she could nap and so the boys could watch the Super Bowl. Of course, we had to listen to some of it on the way home and I had no clue what was going on. Even Reid kept asking, "Daddy who did what??". It's one thing to watch football but to listen to it on the radio.......let's just say I am a visual person!! :) I'm so glad that we got to go home for mom's big day because she means so much to us. We love you mom and are so glad that we got to spend your birthday with you. I love you sooooo......Maybe next time we come down we can play a mean game of Balderdash!! :)

We also got to visit with Troy's family. My niece, Valerie, played her "little dribblers" basketball game on Saturday. We all went to see her play. She is so good. Her nickname on the team is "Bully" because she doesn't care who you are when she's on the court she'll steal that ball from you. It was too cute. Her and Reid are the same age so its fun to see them together. My in-laws also got a new computer so we spent some of Saturday playing on it and showing them some shortcuts. After that we went to LaCabana with my parents...gotta have Cabana when your in the 'ville!! yummy!!

Today was filled with more rain. I tell you this town is a muddy mess!! Hopefully tomorrow will be sunshiny!! Macy and I have bible class tomorrow....thank goodness. We have been in the house for two days and are getting a little restless!

Reid got to decorate his Valentine box tonight. He was not too thrilled about that. I had some heart stickers and he said NO WAY!! ha ha I just thought they would add some cuteness to the boring brown box!! hee hee...He wrote "Happy Valentines Day" and drew two footballs on the front. Nothing but sports for that boy. He also had to do his v-day cards for his class.....that took forever!! He had to pick just the right one and if it had anything on it that was too sweet it was in the trash can. He has about 15 girls in his class and 6 boys.....he complains about that every other day. He is SO funny!!

Macy did not have a nap today so I better go put her to bed. She is getting a little grouchy.


Deanna said...

Glad you had a great weekend Heather!! I sure missed you around here though!! :)

Mitchell said...

Hey sis,
I am glad yall had such a great weekend. I really wish I could have came down, but bewtween student teaching and Academy I dont have alot of free time. I really miss you all and cant wait to see you. Tell Troy and everyone HELLO! I love you and am glad that yall made it home safely. I bet it feels good sometimes to get back home and slep in your own bed though. Especially when there are little one (Macy Lynn) running around. I will try to call yall in the next day or so.
Love You