Thursday, February 24, 2005

25 Things about me...

Supposedly this is going around blogland so I had to join in on the fun! It was really hard trying to think of things off the top of my tired head. I'm sure as soon as I finish I will think of something really exciting......nah!!! hee hee

25 things about me....ETC....:

1. I've never eaten sushi.

2. I 've always wanted to be a singer....I'm a car/shower singer now!

3. I LOVE my kids!

4. I LOVE my husband.

5. But most of all I love my God...

6. I love watching The Price is Right....followed by Young and the Restless....

7. My first car was a lemon....broke down on the side of the road and I had to call good old dad to come and get me.

8. I love to SHOP.

9. My favorite book in the bible (right now) is John.

10. I have gross feet in the winter....a little personal I know. Time for a pedicure!! :)

11. My middle name is Denise but when I was born my dad wrote Dawn and my mom had it legally change back to Denise. So I guess I have 2 names......did you follow that??

12. My sweet brother's birthday is tomorrow.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBIE!!

13. I married my high school sweetheart.

14. I lived next door to my sweet Nana and Poppi for 3 years!! It was GREAT!

15. I have had Windex in my eyes........thanks Ash!! ha ha

16. I was baptized when I was 12.

17. My favorite color has always been pink......I am loving red these days though!! :)

18. I had a pink huffy bike when I as growing up...had a banana seat, pompoms and the works!!

19. I have been to DisneyWorld with all my precious was one of the best times I have ever had!!

20. I did ride Space Mountian...the first and LAST roller coaster I will ever ride...

21. I am a worry wart.

22. I love to make beaded jewelry.

23. I love to scrapbook.....although I am really behind!

24. I love my family....every last one of 'em!! :)

25. When I was born our dog ran away...he was jealous...pretty sad, huh??


Whitney said...

I agree! disney world was so fun even though i was like 4! but i think that next we should definitly go on a family cruise!! Start planning Heather! i love you!! :)

Mitchell said...

Hey sis, Just wanted to say that I miss you sooooo much. Hope all is well on your side of Texas. i cant wait to see you and Troy. Tell the kids that their Bubbie loves them and that next time he sees will be FUN!! HAAHHAA. I LOVE YOU

Heather said...

I'm so glad that you two comment on my least I know you two love me!! :) Everyone else have dozens of posts and my poor lonely blog rarely sees a post.....isn't that sad?? :)

Matt Pinson said...

Don't be sad heather, I want to take another trip to DisneyWorld. That was so fun. I am also a car/shower singer, and I probably shouldn't even sing there.