Saturday, January 01, 2005

Sick of Football

Happy New Year everyone!! Today has been a great new years day other than the fact that our TV has been on nothing but football. Troy has always watched sports and our TV has always been on ESPN but now to make matters 8 year old is LOVING all sports. (right now its football , of course) So until Macy gets older...its 2 against 1 and I'm usually watching my shows in the back room!!! ha ha

I can't believe it is 2005!! It seems like this year has flown by. The Sabrsula family had a very good year. Nothing toooo exciting to report...well, I guess our 10 year wedding anniversary is pretty exciting. Can you believe 10 years!! That's a long time. It really makes me feel old. We have had such a wonderful marriage and we are looking forward to, oh I guess, 70 more years!! WOW...can you even imagine!! We're talking denture city, baby!! hee hee No, really I can't ask for a better husband and father. He has made me a better person and I am thankful to God for giving me such a loving, caring, helpful, tender, hot :), and most of all christian husband to share my life with. We have gone through alot in our marriage and I'm sure many more obsticles to come but with God on our side we can do anything...right??? OK...I guess enough mushy but sometimes you just have to vent all your blessings and I count Troy among one of my richest blessings!! Even though sometimes the ESPN 24 hours a day drives me crazy!! ha ha

It's 11:15 pm and we are at Mom and Dads house and everyone but my little football freaks are in bed. Macy was so tired and ready for bed about 8:30 and we were all glad!! :) She's so much fun but when she doesn't get enough sleep she's a BEAR!! A cute bear but a bear nonetheless!

We had the Sabrsula family reunion today and that was very intersting. Alot of those relatives I have never met. Reid said he didn't even know Papa John had family! ha ha It was fun and the kids had a blast playing with all the other kids even though it took a while to warm up to each other. Family reuions can be a little weird.......I'll leave it at that!! hee hee

Well, this is my first offical post and to me it sounds stupid (Macy's new word...I need to be a little more careful!!) but I was bored so I thought I'd give it a try.

A very Happy 2005 to everyone...................PLAYBALL (oh that's baseball!! another season...ugggggg)


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