Sunday, January 02, 2005


I can honestly say I am sick and tired of my Christmas tree and lights! I wish the xmas fairy would come and take everything down and leave my house spick and span!! I guess for now I am that fairy! Maybe tomorrow it will all come down!! :)

Today and tomorrow are IT!! School starts and everything is back to normal. I am ready for life to slow down a bit. The holidays have been really busy. It's a fun busy but I am glad that it is finally over. No more hustle and bustle for another year! I know mom and dad are glad it's over too....they get their house back!! It seems like we were there for 2 weeks. You know what they say about company after a few, not really!!!

We are so lucky to have a wonderful family! This Christmas was another for the memory book!! :) I think our xmas tradition is so awesome and one that I will always cherish! Everyone got to make it....even baby Jack had his first Christmas at Nana and Poppi's!! He is such a good baby and we all had fun passing him around. Not to mention he is just adorable!! He looks just like Christine......just kidding, Matt!! He looks like you, too!! But, one of the BEST things this Christmas was Poppi finding out that his heart is in tip top shape! Praise God!! WE are so blessed.

Off to bed!! A busy day tomorrow putting away all my xmas decorations....anyone want to help??


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