Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday is so last year

I was going to "cop" out today and just post a picture for Wordless Wednesday.  I am busy today, you know.  The laundry, cleaning, mopping and scrubbing toilets are keeping me hopping around the house today.  Some days I just spray Lysol in the air or put Fabuloso in the sink so when Troy walks in it smells nice and clean.  You know, so he will think I have been busy all day.  Shh, don't tell him my secret. He thinks I am a busy little bee.


But, seriously today there needs to be some real cleaning.  My floors look like we have had a heard of muddy cows come through.  How is it that ones floor and or house can get so dirty.  I mean seriously.  I have dust bunnies the size of Texas up in here.

But, today I have blogging on my mind.  I don't know why it bothers me so much when I don't blog.  Last year I did a bloggy book and I am constantly thinking I need to update my blog so when it is time to do my book again I have a lot of material and my book looks nice and thick.  There is nothing worse than a weak bloggy book.

Is that bad?

Well, I don't think so because since my scrap booking is few and far between my blog is all I have to document my life and my kids life.  Wait, there is my journal...but that's for my eyes only.

I hope when I die my kids don't freak out when they read my journal.  Maybe I should burn it, lock it or write in code. ha!  I'm afraid when they read it they will think their Mom has gone and flipped her lid.

Wait, I have.

So, here is some random tidbits happening at Heather's House.  Some are recorded with pictures and some are not.  For some reason I have been terrible at toting my camera around lately.  It just seems like one more thing to do, to carry around and to be in charge of....I will get better.  Basketball is right around the corner.  Get ready for some action shots of my boy.

*Macy has BEGGED to ride the bus since she was in Kindergarten.  Thankfully, we lived so close to the school that we had no bus service.  That was always my excuse.  Now that we have moved, we have service. 


So, after the first couple of weeks of school, I gave in.  My baby rode the bus.  I was so nervous.  I always hated the bus and thought she would get beat up or learn about the birds and the bees before her time.  Well, who knows what they talk about but I know she is all kinds of smiles when she gets off that bus.  I just pray that the ride there and back are filled with laughter and that she doesn't hear what her little ears shouldn't. 

Our bus stop is right outside our door and that makes it so easy for me.  Thankfully it doesn't come at the crack of dawn either.  We all know I am NOT a morning person.  I walk her to the bus stop with coffee in hand and visit with all the other moms and dads.  It is like a coffee party in the morning!  I love it! 

Look at that smile.   That is everyday!  When she gets off the bus she is looking for me...such a sweetie!

*A few weekends ago I went on a girls weekend with my girlies.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I love these girls.  We had so much fun shopping in Salado, laughing, shopping at Target (twice), going to the movies, learning about new stain lipstick (thanks Lacie), eating a lot, crying, laughing some more, crafting and praying together.  We always have such a great time together!

 This is how great they are.....they had all seen The Help but knew I hadn't.  They paid for another ticket to see the movie with me!  aww!  That was the best movie!  Seeing it with you made it even better!  Thanks girls...

These feet have been a lot of places together and we aren't done yet!  Where oh where will they take us next??

*We are still getting settled in our new house.  Boxes are still taking over the garage.  I am still waiting for the box fairy to come help me.

*We finally got a fridge.  We had been without one for a month.  That should be a whole 'nother blog post.

*Reid has basketball tryouts next week!  Pray for my Rooster!  I know he is good because I am his mom but, let's hope the coach sees it.  

*Both kids are great.  Both Reid and Macy made all A's and B's on their report card.  WooHoo!

*Mom, JD, Ashley and I went to San Antonio for Women of Faith.  Let me say AWESOME!  We had such a wonderful time. If you ever have a chance to go...GO!  You will not be disappointed.  I loved spending time with my family...they are my girls for life.  We ate way too much Mexican food and laughed a lot.  I loved worshiping God with them all weekend.  It was a much needed faith lift.  Tears, laughter and food with your loved ones is always a good thing....I love you girls!  Let's do it again....soon!

*whew!  That was a long post. 

I've gotta go...need to get to cleaning this pit of a house....wait, maybe I'll just spray some Lysol in the air.  Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Charlton said...

I feel the same way about cleaning. Brandon came home Monday and said the house looked awesome. All I had done was make the beds and fold the blanket in the living room! ;) If that's all it takes, I'm golden!

Heather's House said...

Thanks for stopping by Charlton! I agree about the beds....there is something about when you make them your house feels more clean. Even when its not. :)

BTW, your girls are beautiful! I love looking at your pics! Have a great day...

Lynn said...

Glad you got to post about your busy month! It was a busy time, wasn't it? I love the picture of Macy getting off the bus.....I pray that little things always make her smile. She is the easiest and most loving spirited girl......Love my LuLu. I have no doubt that Rooster makes the team. Seriously, he is awesome and it's not just you or me! We are gonna be ready for a schedule. Dad's first season retired and we hope to make alot of games. Hope you have gotton caught up around the house. That spraying cleaner in the air is an old trick and doesn't fool me anymore one bit! Love you....MOM

Holly said...

Love to read all of your catch-ups!

Macy looks soooo happy getting off the bus, I'm sure she's just as excited to hop on in the AM--it's great that she's so comfortable and confident with this transition--and I'm glad you are too. :) Coffee talk on the corner sounds fun.

Salado, Salado...when can we go back?!? Or somewhere else? ;) It was the perfect weekend!

So happy you and your *girls* had such a good time at Women of Faith last weekend. Oh to be a fly on the wall...:)

Love you!

P.S. Erma Bombeck used to say she through an onion into the oven right before her husband cam home so it would smell like dinner. Ha!