Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We will never be the same

This is absolutely amazing. I mean this guy has some talent. I think sometimes that I am crafty because I can spray paint a flower pot every now and then...but this is talent! It gave me goosebumps....

Hope you enjoy!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, peeps!


Holly said...

Amazing! The moment when he spins the canvas over and you see and then he adds the blue--WOW.

Do you remember the young guy that came to an area wide devo many moons ago and painted like this? It was cool, but nothing quite like this guy's talent.

Heather's House said...

Holly, I know...when he spins it around is my favorite! I was like...WOW! Macy thought he was painting a lion when she first saw it. Then he turned it around and she yelled, "It's Jesus!" So sweet!

I do remember when that guy came to church. It was cool from what I can remember. You know I have a horrible memory. ha!