Thursday, October 06, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Words can't express how glad I am that our whole moving process is over.  It has been a LONG hard year of laughs, tears, bending friends ears over certain things, stress, cleaning, going through memories, apartment living, packing boxes, LOTS of boxes, and prayers....TONS of prayers.  God has truly blessed my family and I am ever so thankful.  I knew that in His time everything would work out.  My peeps kept telling me that!  ;)  Now looking back at all the drama, I see His hand holding mine....every step of the way.  I was just so blinded....that is until now.  Now it is all so clear.  He knew exactly what my little family needed. 

Seriously.  Why did I doubt that?


We are in our home but still looking at all these boxes that I worked so hard to pack.  I know that in time it will all be done and we will feel more settled.  But, for now, we are enjoying our new home, boxes and all.  We just kind of kick 'em around and hope that someone will unpack them.  I think that someone is me!  Most days I wish I was Samantha from Bewitched....that looks way more easy.

Twitch, twitch


So, maybe tomorrow I will get serious about unpacking.  

Yeah. Tomorrow. 

Every girl needs a break now and then....

You must rest your muscles!  For real.

My peeps.  I love them!

 Macy knows exactly what she wants.  She made this sign weeks before we moved.  It hangs proudly
on her door for all to see....

 My favorite coffee cup!  So glad I found it and it wasn't broken.  There were
a few things that didn't make the move.  oops.

There has been A LOT of spray painting going on...I'm not kidding.  Here is an old gold antique mirror
that Macy and I had big plans for!  Yep, you guessed it...PINK!  Well, really it was Rose something or another but its hot pink people.


And double TTTTTAAADDDDAAA!  Heather's House!

Home sweet Heather's Home that is.

Now, y'all stop by for coffee....anytime!  I'd love to have you.  I have a cup just for YOU!

"As for me and my house we will serve the Lord."  Joshua 24:15


jody said... is ABOUT TIME! I am so happy to see a few house I want more!! Hurry and post again. love y'all and so happy for you.

Holly said...

So happy for y'all!! Even though it's been crazy, it's been worth it-now y'all are THERE--and even with boxes that's still gotta feel good. :)

Don't fret--the boxes will eventually get unpacked--and stuff that doesn't get unpacked in a few or six months let it go to Goodwill.

Love all the pink spray painted stuff--CUTE!!

Can't wait to see everything in person--SOON.