Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just another day in paradise

I don't have much time. I have had a crazy day. But, I wanted to stop by to say hello and mark the blog off my to-do list. I feel like I have neglected it once again. I love blogging. I hate it hanging over my head. I love the fact that all my daily activities and or pictures are on here for me to case I ever forget. Which is very possible. I hate that blogs are like an online cyberworld popularity contest and those with the most comments, crafts, contests, give-aways, and pictures of how cute their kids So, I have to keep reminding myself that my blog is mine. It is where I can come and jot down my thoughts and my prayers for me, my hubby and my kids. To also put pics of my kids....because I think they are pretty darn cute. Who cares who reads it.

So, with that in mind I need to tell myself to stop being so insecure. It's just a little blog. Maybe I should keep reading my Beth Moore book, "So Long Insecurity". I put it down weeks ago to read the new book by Mary Beth Chapman called "Choosing to See". Oh my goodness, that book is SO good. If you haven't read it you need to go out and get it. If you want to borrow mine you can. It is an awesome story of healing! It also makes us realize that God is always with us on our journey even when we think he is not. Her triumph through her grief and struggles is amazing! It's a great book...coming from a non-reader. I mean, I can read, its just not my hobby. Like some friends I know.

Macy is my little photographer. I got a new camera and she has been going all over the house taking pictures of things. Like frogs, for instance. Really? She is a hoot, that girl. I just thought that this picture captured my crazyness. Since, today I was feeling crazy I thought I'd add it. You know. For me. What's up with my hair?

I just have to add a picture of my hubby....I think he is too cute for words.


Hollie Reese said...

I'm glad you are back!! Can't wait to see y'all at Christmas!!

Heather said...

Thanks Hollie! I know...we are so excited to see you guys at Christmas!

Lacie said...

new camera yea!!!

I would like to be on the list to borrow the book!


Maybe I should leave a zillion comments so you feel better! But only if you do the same on my blog~

Giggi said...

I love you Hezzy Doty Sab! Can't wait to hug your neck at Christmas!