Monday, September 06, 2010

Writing it all down....

How many of you actually write down the things you eat? I never have. I hate it. But, the last week I have turned over a new leaf....I guess you could say. My sweet hubby got me a personal trainer without me knowing (he's sweet like that) and she means business. Not quite Jillian M*ichales business, but pretty close. She has me write down EVERYTHING I eat and it has been really eye opening. I can't believe how much extra junk I was stuffing in my mouth. (You know the things that you hide from the occasional candy bar, cookie dough or Little De*bbie cake-Swiss roll. Yum!) I am hoping that this helps because for as long as I can remember I have struggled with this. Weight. Exercise. Watching what I eat. Is it wrong to want to do better? Is it vain to want to look differently? Please, I need some input. I want to do what God wants and I really feel like being healthy is what He wants for us. So, here I go again...the same fight. Again and again. But this time I am determined that satan will not win this battle. (Haven't I said this already? This time I mean it. haha)

So, here's a funny. I go to the gym daily. Or at least I try. It does make me feel better and gives me that energy that I need to make it through the day. But, last week when I went to workout there were two ladies in the dressing room talking. As I stood there putting my stuff in my locker I over heard them talking about sending their kids to college, what they are going to do with no children in the house, going out partying and drinking with their friends and comparing belly rings!!??! Seriously? A belly ring? I promise I won't go that far. ha! How will your tummy look when you are in your 80's with a belly ring? No offense if you have a belly ring, they are just not for my flabby belly. So, sometimes I have to just put in the ipod, tune out wanna-be-teeny boppers and pretend that I am the only one there.

Today is Labor day....I love holidays. The kids have loved having the day off. Reid had football this morning but after that we had NOTHING! It felt good. Troy has to work tonight so we might just sneak off to the movies....but, no popcorn for me. :(

What are your struggles? Am I crazy? Do you have your belly pierced?? haha! Don't you just LOVE movie popcorn?

This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24


Lacie said...

I could NEVER write down everything! It would be just ONE MORE THING I would feel guilty of. You know, right along with...I don't bath my children enough, i'm not patient enough with my adorable husband, I don't pack the healthiest lunches for my kids, I don't keep in contact with my friends and family good enough...the list could take up a large book! SOOOOO no way am I writing my food down!...but you go girl :)!

Giggi said...

Oh girl! You are doing so good! I need to write everything down!?! What a whippin. I think I'll just quit eating. haha! I've been trying to cut out sugar. Do better some days than others. The doctor told me it was my enemy so that kinda haunts me. I miss you & love you! Praying your house sells ASAP! Love your attitude and all of my Sabs too!