Saturday, September 04, 2010

Good Morning!

I thought for sure that today I would get to sleep in. Well, it IS Saturday for goodness sake. Right? Wrong. Well, right it's Saturday but wrong that I thought I would actually get some rest. Why is it that whenever I have nothing to do, no where to go and am SO looking forward to snuggling under the covers my neighbors decide to mow. At 8am. Really? Well, its not them but the mower company but still. Oh, well, it was nice to get up before everyone, have my coffee, sit outside, think, pray, listen to the mower, and then get to play on the computer before my little crumb snatchers wake up.

I can feel it. Can you? Fall? I am so ready. The mornings have been somewhat nice. I can't say cool, yet, but soon. I can feel it in my bones. One way I can totally tell is that football is on at my house 24/7. What would my boys do without ES*PN? I guess the same thing my girl would do without Dis*ney. Die!

Have a happy Saturday peeps....

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