Friday, September 10, 2010

Five for Friday

I am branching out today and particpating in a "Five for Friday". I have seen it done on many other blogs and have never done it. I have done many ramblings and snippits but never here's to something new. I am always looking for that in my life...LOL.

1. Today Nana had her surgery. We were ALL so worried! My kids have been praying for her all week and were so concerned. Macy's prayers are so sweet. They are so tender and true and the way she prayed for Nana's surgery brought some tears to my eyes. It doesn't take much these days...can you say hormones?? ha! Reid called her last night and it was so sweet to hear him outside sitting on the porch swing talking to her. They have always had such a special relationship and that makes my heart happy. When we were neighbors Reid would get whatever he wanted....we all did! I remember when I moved to Houston I couldn't cook a darn thing because Nana always did all the cooking. We'd just walk next door and eat. Best take out ever. Nana and Poppi were the best neighbors we have ever had. :) The great news is is that the surgery was SUCCESSFUL and the cancer is gone. The doctor removed the tumor and she won't even need radiation. Thank you for answered prayers....

Me and Nana at the beach. She was cold and cozy and I was hot and sweaty.

2. Clear Lake Eagle football is in full swing. Reid had his first game on Wednesday. Who schedules games on a Wednesday night. Does anyone go to church anymore? We love our Wed. night bible studies and living in a big city they really don't care what you have planned. I remember growing up in a small town and that never happened. Oh, the joys of small town living. Reid did great at his game and even made a few tackles. For the life of me I can't remember what position he plays...typical woman, right? I just know he gets to go out there on offense and defense. There. That's all I know. I am a proud mama and he could go out there and stand on the sidelines for all I care. Actually, that would be great because then there would be no way he could get hurt. I told him last week that I was going to put a sign on his back that said, "Hey, YOU, don't you hit my baby"...he rolled his eyes. ;) Macy and I cheered away and she even took the camera and got a few shots.

My #5 taking a water break. It so hot you have to have some quality H2O.

Little Pow-Wow.

Heading to the bus....

3. (Lacie, you might want to skip #3..haha) Last weekend we went to the Texas Longhorn vs. Rice football game! We had a blast. Troy has been working so much it was nice to have a family outing. We thought we had stinky seats but when we got there they weren't too shabby. The boys had fun watching the game and the girls loved the cheerleaders and the awesome Longhorn band.

Sabrsula Fun Day

There are quite a few pics of me and Macy posing like this. ha! We had a great time.

My sweet kidos. Do you notice Reid's monster nachos. Seriously.

The men in my life....Love them!

Yes, our seats were a little high. Thankfully I remembered the binoculars that way Macy and I could see the cheerleaders better. haha

For some reason blogger won't let me post under this picture. ugh!! I love this one because Macy isn't quite sure if she is a Longhorn or Aggie. She is torn. :) She loves everyone! ha

Gotta get the "must have" feet picture.

Like father, like son...

Macy doing good walking to the car. We had to park a LONG way from the stadium.

Oh, nevermind! I spoke too soon. Her feet were hurting SO BAD! I have a feeling that Troy will be carrying Macy until she is at least 16. She's got her Daddy wrapped...

4. Our house still is on the market and probably as of this weekend the home we were building will be a distant memory. Sad, but still hopeful. No matter what I know God is in control. It is hard and I have had a few pouty moments but what can you do? Pout is all I know. :)

5. I never got around to posting the kids first day of school pics....just got so busy. So, here you go. My 3rd grader and my 8th grader. sniff sniff....where did the time go?

My little 3rd excited to start school!

My 8th grader! So proud of this sweet boy!

I love that she still lets me go in the room with her and take pics. Silly me forgot to get the annual pic with her teacher. Oh, well. I can't remember everything. :)

The three amigos....

So, there you have it. My five for Friday. Hope you enjoyed it because all these pictures were a bear to load. What is up with blogger sometimes. If you liked it, give me a thumbs up or something.

Have a wonderful weekend. And as one of my besties says....God is ever so faithful!


Holly said...

Hooray for trying a Five for Friday post! They're great for covering lots of snippets at once--you feel caught up when you're done. Sorry you had trouble loading pics--but they all showed up fine, so YAY!

So glad Nana's surgery was a FULL success!! What joy and relief!! Praises to God for that answered prayer. Love the pic of you too at the beach--cute girls. ;)

Enjoyed seeing pics of football and y'all at the orange game too. Is that a new pair of Yellow Box (silver?) I spotted? Cute! And I like your toe polish too!! ;0

Love ya oodles! (And I hope Macy is feeling better!! Yucky virus.)

jody said...

Love your pictures! Can't believe how big the kids are! We are missing all of you at the ville.

Lacie said...

Loved Five for Friday!

Yes!!!! I should have skipped #3! Sounds like yall are in some serious need of maroon shirts!

I'm so HAPPY about the news for Nana!

Your kids have grown!!!!!!!!
All I could see looking at Reid was his first day of Kinder standing in front of that door!

See Ya TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!