Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A wispy kind of day

Have I have reached an all time low? Nah! I have found a new love. The Wi*sp. It is the most wonderful invention ever for the hurried family. Doesn't that sound terrible? The hurried family. We are busy and now I'm sure I will be judged because it sounds like we are so busy we don't have time to brush our teeth. ha! We really do and its not an everyday thing but it does come in handy. Now, its not for me because now matter how busy I get I do remember to brush my teeth. It's my precious children who sometimes get in the car after a crazy morning with "knock you over" morning breath that forget. Then I feel guilty because I am their mother and I should remind them but sometimes I am a slacker...and I have learned to deal with that. Sometimes I think they forget to brush their teeth on purpose so they can use one. They are great because they have the brush with yummy toothpaste on one side and a cool toothpick on the other. You never know when you might need to pick your teeth. haha! They aren't the cheapest things but oh, so worth it. The other day Macy was brushing her teeth on the way to school (doesn't that sound funny) and I swear this guy was staring at us. I'm sure we looked funny driving down the street with a 7 year old going to town on her teeth. Hey, its that or yellow, nasty teeth for the rest of the day. ha! Now, don't judge me....go buy some and brush your teeth in the car today! It's fun. :)


jody said...

Well I nearly passed out...truly, I had quit checking. I am SO happy that you are blogging again. It makes me smile. So keep up the good work and kiss your babies for their great aunt. Wow..that sounds old. love y'all!

Lynn said...

I say do what you gotta do. Nothings worse than yucky breath and yellow teeth all day. It's enough to make you cranky.