Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jor and Clark sittin' in a tree....

This is another post that is WAY overdue. I am a bad cousin for not sharing it sooner. It was such a wonderful weekend and we were honored to have a special place in the wedding. Macy was a Jr. Bridesmaid and thought she was a teenager. Reid was a Jr. Groomsman and I was scared at how big he looked standing up there with all those men. Time goes by way too fast.

Jordan and Clark are the sweetest couple and their love for one another was evident. It makes my heart happy to see how much Clark loves her and that he is her soul mate. I wish them nothing but happiness and love...We love you guys!

Here are some pictures from the fun weekend, not in any particular order, because blogger is weird. Maybe that's why I never blog. Any who, enjoy....

This was the best I could do after the wedding. That's why my sister is the photographer, not me.

Me and my little man. My heart overflows....

My sweet hubby and baby girl....Heart overflowing?? Oh, yes!

Sweet baby cousin Whitney! We love this girl and are so glad Macy has a wonderful Christian woman like Whit to look up too.

Precious Avery, Neena and Papaw! Love them so much! Isn't this a cute picture?

This thing I love most about life....prayer with family and friends. Could not make this life without it. Blessings all around.

Me and Hollie. Love this girl...and miss her since she moved to Dallas! Basketball season just isn't the same.

Sweet cousins....Avery, Jaxon and Macy. Aren't they super cute? Avery and Jaxon were little bell ringers and they took their jobs very seriously. :)

JoJo and Jordan...precious mother and daughter.

Jordan and Macy....preciousness

More pics to come....

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