Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm baaacckk!

Well, so much for being a better blogger. I get so stinkin' tired of saying that I am going to keep up with my life better on blogger and then never follow through. I guess you could say I am a slacker. A major slacker. So, here's to a new day, a new blog post and ramblings of the ever so busy wife & mom.

I can't even begin to tell you all that we have been up to since January 14. January! WOW. I so thought 2010 would be my year to jump my blog into the realms of greatness like maybe Pioneer Woman or someone cool like that. HA! But, nah. I guess I will never have my 15 minutes of fame or get to be on Good Mor*ning America. So, here we go....Just little 'ole me trying to make some sense of my everyday crazy life. I love my life. Crazy or not.

*What have we been doing lately? SPORTS!! Sports of all kinds. We are THAT family that usually spends most of our time at some kind of playing field and spend tons of money at the concession stands. Thanks to Macy. She loves that if you catch a foul ball you get free Air Heads. Let me tell you, that girl can run after a foul ball like a pro. She has beat a few boys out of the popular candy goodness. I love every minute of watching my little athlete play and look forward to many, many years of using my wonderful stadium chair, cheering and eating sunflower seeds.

*Macy is still keeping us busy with dance and her big recital will be in May. She looks so forward to her time in the spotlight! ha! We will also have our ever so famous mother/daughter dance. It is really fun getting to spend that time with her dancing our little hearts out. I'm sure in May there will be pictures for my few loyal readers.

*Tonight is Sabrsula family movie night. We get our shower, jammies on, and hop in our bed and watch a movie. There is usually popcorn involved. Last movie night we watched The Karate Kid II. I had forgotten what a wonderful movie that is. The kids loved it. Troy and I enjoy the time with them because we know that this phase won't last forever. We would love to pause this moment because they are at such a fun age but for now we just soak it all in and love every minute of the time we do get to spend with all 4 of us together. Being a mommy is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Sometimes I wonder why God blessed me so....

*Today was an absolute beautiful day. Just sayin'

*Troy and Macy just got home from the Girl Scout Father/Daughter dance. They both walked in with huge grins on their faces. I think they had a great time. Macy did giggle when she told me...."Daddy did the moonwalk." Oh, good grief! Glad I wasn't there. haha!

*I know you won't believe this....Reid is helping Macy with some math games at the table as we speak. On a Saturday. Really? Poppi would be so proud. :)

*On that note...although Reid and Macy have their moments, they really do love each other. I see glimpses of smiles, laughs and concerns. When Macy has homework he likes to help. Especially math. He is really good at it....thankfully he didn't take after me. At Reid's games Macy loves to cheer. That makes my heart swell with pride.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Saturday. I pinkie promise that I will be back to blogging won't be 4 months! (JoJo) :) For now, I am off to pop some buttery popcorn and spend the rest of the night with my family. Family I come!

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