Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On Saturday, Macy and some of her friends (plus Mommys) from dance class went downtown to the Junior League for their Breakfast with Santa. We really had a great time. We had to dress up and of course, that was right up Macy's alley. She was so excited to get to be, as she called, SO FANCY! She even poured her lemonade in her coffee cup to make her look a little more mature. ha! They all had so much fun and we had fun just sitting back and watching their sweet faces.
Three pretty princesses

Me and Linda

Macy and Santa. She told him EVERYTHING
she wanted. It was so cute!

Sweet girl!

Me and Macy striking our usual pose. ha!

The girls...most of them have been dancing together
since the beginning.

Say cheese.....AGAIN!


Lynn said...

You both look so beautiful! Love you

Daesha said...

What a bunch of pretty pictures!

Sheila said...

How fun. Isn't it wonderful to do those kind of things with your little girl?!

Giggi said...

Pretty princesses! And their mommas, too! It is fun to be fancy once in a while, isn't it? I bet they'll always remember that! Love you guys!

Giggi said...

Time for an update, so check my blog. You've been tagged! Love you!