Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I have so many things to blog about and so many things I am thankful for but am so behind I feel overwhelmed. You know the feeling? It has been months since I have updated my blog. I know some of you are tired of seeing the "Character Counts" blog. This post goes....way back!

So, what's going on in my little world?

**October came blog. Halloween was crazy and we still have candy from our trunk or treat. I think my little Dorothy was precious....and her little friend Ariel is adorable. :)

Macy and A

**The pumpkin patch with The Smith family was a blast. My kids think these boys hung the moon. We barely got pictures...the sun was going down way too fast. We always love our time together.

Macy, R, Reid and J

Kim and I have to have a SPT!

**We had a wonderful 14th wedding anniversary. WOW! Time files. We spent our anniversary in Fredericksburg. It is such a fun place. My sweet husband actually went into just about every store. My favorite store was a little bead store. I think I went inside about 10 times. He wins husband of the year for going into a bead and jewelry store. ha! We had a wonderful time shopping, eating and we even hiked to the top of Enchanted Rock. It was nice to go and do whatever and not worrying about the time. Thanks to Mom and Dad for watching the kids and the dog. Tucker, Macy and Reid love going to Neena and Papaw's house. :)

Yeah for coffee!!!

On top of Enchanted Rock


Lynn said...

All I can say is "CHARACTER COUNTS". Gee, I miss that post.

YEAH. A new post! Sorry I had to nag you about it. You know if it's not one thing it's your mother.


Giggi said...

Wow! Three posts since I checked in! Happy anniversery, Sabs! 14 years!!! You are really making me feel old!!!