Saturday, June 07, 2008


Yesterday was our first official day of summer. We are so glad school is out. We all slept late and Reid made eggs and bacon for me and Macy. It was really good. He is a good little breakfast chef. He learned that from his Daddy. :) Why is it that Dad's like to cook breakfast foods? I remember my Dad always making pancakes. And it was usually for supper. I guess breakfast is easy. ha!
BUT, I have already heard the famous words....I'M BORED. yikes...already? Well, I have lots for them to do but cleaning their rooms is not what they have in mind. So, I think I will be spending alot of time at the pool. Well, after they clean at least some of their room. And I have to clean my room, too. My room is probably worse than theirs. I need to be an example. :) Hey, by the time I clean everything else in this house I'm too tired to clean my room. I did make my bed this morning, Hey, I'm trying.
How do some moms keep things so organized? Or make it look so easy? It makes me crazy.


Lynn said...

How do they do it? THAT is a million dollar question. I never could figure it out either. Some of it is important, yes. Teaching kids responsibility and yada yada yada.... But, making memories is important too! LOVE you.

maria said...

Hey--I'm right there with you on the whole, clean organized house thing--just how do they do it? Not sure either. If I could figure out how to keep my house uber-organized and play with my kids too--I'd be one happy camper!

The Doty's Dish said...

Well I think if they came over here I could find some rooms for them to read too! Oh and a great way to get into reading, has to do with what you read...I know a great book :)

Kim said...

I love to organize, but don't keep the things in their place too well! I love for schedules, tips etc.

OK -starting your new love for learning with Where the Red Fern Grows?!??! I"ll bring you a box of tissue!!! THe teacher in me loves to read, but my eyelids get so heavy when I slow down long enough to read. However, this new series from Lacie has me hooked! I read for an hour last night -starting at 11:30pm! I'm almost done with the first book... so I guess part of the love of reading comes from a motivating text. (Off my teacher box)

Love you - see you bright and early for scale day!

Wendi75 said...

Hi Heather,

I read your blog all the time too! You have the cutest family:) Of course I will add you to the list, I just need your email address. You can put it in the comments on the blog or email it to me at:

Sorry I haven't commented before either:) Take care and enjoy your summer!