Sunday, June 01, 2008

In the merry month of May

I can't believe the month of May is over. I think this is the busiest I have been in a long time. It was CRAZY! Here are some highlights of our busy but fun wonderful month of May....

Baseball has taken over our life. Its so much fun and my little man loves the game. I love getting to watch him play. He is a good little player! He even hit an in the park homerun this year and got some good pitching time. :)

Macy turned 6!!!! I can't believe my baby is ready for 1st grade!

Of course, we had to have a Hannah Montana party...compete with guitar cake.

We had her party at a pottery place. Each kid got to paint a tile. It was so fun. Crazy but fun!

Holly and family, Ash and Avery got to join in on the fun. I was SO glad they came!

Me and my baby girl. She melts my heart.

OK...Here is Teacher Appreciation Week. Oh my, can you say overboard? These schools! These Moms....HA!

Then, my sweet niece, Mindy graduated from Texas A&M. We are so proud of her. I felt like one of my kids were graduating. I have known her since she was 2. I was teary eyed watching her walk across that stage. She is one remarkable woman! I am proud to be her aunt.

This is Mindys sweetheart, Will. Isn't he a cutie! And he is just as sweet. He treats Mindy like a princess! And just look at that pic of Troy and Will.....Mindy and I think they look like long lost brothers! We had went bowling that night and they has us laughing so hard. Don't you think they look similar?? Troy just has 15 years on him! Haha!

Macy LOVES her Mindy!

Daddy trying to teach Macy how its done. Troy is a pretty good bowler!

Now, next...Macy's dance recital! Its is always held at the Opera House in Galveston. It is a BIG deal! They work on the dances all year. This year she danced to "On the Good Ship Lollipop" and "Be Our Guest" (from Beauty and the Beast). It was SO cute! And I thought she looked just adorable! Here she is looking like Shirley Temple. Granny and Van made the trip to see her. We were so glad. I am mad that we didn't get a picture of them with her. Sorry, Granny! What was I thinking? We love you and am so glad y'all came. Avery and Ashley also made the trip! I think Avery loved the dancing. Her face lit up and she was clapping when the first little dancers came out! I love that girl!! Her facial expressions are priceless! It was a fun day with everyone. We all went our to eat at Tortugas afterwards. We sure missed Neena and Papaw. Paps was at home puking his guts up. Sorry Paps!

Here is the class doing their best Belle dance from Beauty and the Beast!

My sweet little Belle really concentrating!

The family after the performance! Reid was so glad it was over! HA

Then....drumroll, please.....I turned 35. Enough said. My sweet husband did get me some good presents, flowers and a yummy cake. Thanks, honey...I love you!

And lets don't forget field day! What a hot month for field day. Whose idea was that?

Reids favorite part of field day....water guns!

Reids class in a major tug-of-war competition!

Now do you see why I haven't been blogging? WHEW! I'm glad May is over. Oh, and in all this, I had strep throat and Macy had pink eye. I really had no time to be sick! HA! Troy took off work for a few days so I could lay in bed. Boy, that felt good. Well, not to be sick but to be in my bed with the door shut....AH, pure bliss!


Lynn said...

So glad to see the recital pics. I am so hoping for a private performance complete with costumes. We hated to miss that day so much. I am exhausted just reading all your post. I would say that things will calm down but they won't. So, I won't lie. You are making such an impact on your children's life by being so involved. Enjoy your very full and sweet life. Just don't forget along the way to take care of you too. Cause your mommy loves you too!

Giggi said...

Whew! Here's to summer! That is a lot packed into one month! But what good memories, and precious pictures to go with it! So glad you finally had a chance to blog & bring us up to date on the Sabs! Love you!

Ashley said... all Reid did in May is shoot water guns and play tug-a-war? ha ha ha ha ha!

Love you

Heather said...

that would be a big NO, thanks Sis for pointing that out. We ran around all month watching him play baseball. I'll post pics of that later.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

My goodness you have been busy!!

Holly said...

I'm tired just reading all of that! I am glad you were able to blog about it--you've been missed.

You snapped great pictures at the recital--so close. Macy looks so proud!
Field Day looks like it was a blast.

So glad you are over your bug! Blech!

pruittsplace said...

hey heather...
wow, remind me never to read your may blog again... it made me tired! unfortunately, it made me remember my may also! yikes! it's crazy. you know what's crazy...? i didn't know you were teaching! where and what age?
the funny thing about this whole post is that i went back just now to look at my birthday post (someone got to by blog by google and went to my birthday post... i caught them on my web tracker! aha! ) anyways, you had commented on that day. so, then i go to yours and... may is your 35th birthday! weird stuff.
say hello to your crew for me. i'm sure we'll see each other before the next 35 years passes...

The Doty's Dish said...

What a month!! I know mother's day has past but a round of applause for you being able to be with your kids for everything...i'm sure they think they have the best mommy ever!

maria said...

if anyone, you should get the prize for mother of the year, room mom of the year, teacher of the year, etc. ! You have been busy, busy, busy! Now its time to sit back and relax... yeah right! :) Love ya girl!

Kim said...

what a busy month! so glad to see pics of your crazy May. Love ya!