Friday, June 06, 2008


It's no surprise to my realllllllyyyyyy close friends that I am a terrible reader. In fact, I often buy a books and get thru one to two chapters and decide that I'd rather dust my house or mow the yard than read. I know, I'm weird. I never had that love of reading that my friends have. I wish I did. I am a wannabe reader. I will buy books just because the cover is pretty. I can read blogs all day but books....ewww! I think, too, that I have adult ADHD. Anywho, thats another story.

So, today as I was cleaning all the paper work out from behind the phone, I found Reid's summer reading list for his AP classes for Jr. High. Poor thing. He does great in reading class but has my desire for books. He won't just pick up a book and read. I'm so sad about that. I really want him to be a good reader. So, this summer guess what we will be doing? Well, I decided I would read with him. You know, be an example! HA HA. So, our first read.... "Where the Red Fern Grows". I read some of this book in Jr. High but then I realized there was a movie and well, thats all she wrote. I am more of a movie buff...... :)

Any advice on learning how to be a better reader? :)


Holly said...

Oh Heather--here's an E for effort. :)

Reading together is a great idea! Maybe take turns reading aloud together or to Macy--or as a whole family when you can.

Sounds like you might have to set a schedule(yikes!) to get everything read by the end of summer. How long is the list?

Some YA authors have websites that tie in with their books, so that might add another element. Many authors will reply to email or letters.

I like to believe it's never too late(or early) to nurture your love of reading. Remember, you weren't always a runner, now you are. You CAN be a READER too! :)

Lynn said...

I commented and blogger ate my comment! As I was saying......Holly has some great tips. I think it is a great idea but better yet.....start off taking the book reading away from the house. Pick a day and time and go to the library with your book. Pack your swimsuits before you go and read for an hour. Watch your watches! Then head for the pool. The atmosphere of the library is great for concentration and a little incentive for a swim doesn't hurt. Great idea....Holly is right. You are the girl that can do anything you put your mind to and don't you forget it. I LOVE YOU!

Giggi said...

Oh Hezzy! I hate to tell you, I am the exact same way. The collection of books I have with one or two chapters read! Reading together is a great way to go about it, tho. I like the pool idea, too. Maybe mom can find a good lounge chair while setting that example! Do books on tape count? We used to check those out at the library & they would listen to them at night in bed. I hate that they force them to do homework in the summer! At least it should be as fun as possible! Love you!

Daesha said...

We love books on tape, and LC library has a bunch!! What a great idea! The other thing is to just read one or two chapters at a time. Don't try to read lots unless you want to. Break it up into bite sized pieces. You'll enjoy it more then. I hope you get to love the books. They'll take you anywhere!

silken said...

great ideas here! reading together and books on tape are great! good luck!

BriteCloud said...

I know who your friends are, and you must REALLY be feeling out of the loop with the reading thing! lol

Nathan and Chloe are my avid readers, but Beck doesn't like to just sit and read. What he does read are comic books. I think that's funny. It's just about the right amount at a time for him. lol

I hope the summer reading becomes a pleasure and not a chore for both of you! good luck!

P.S. The phrase "I'm bored" has already been uttered many times since school has been out. ugghh!