Tuesday, April 17, 2007


We spent Easter in Smithville and had a fun time hunting eggs and eating tons of candy. Mom had all the stuff to dye the eggs so we did that late Sat. night. We also went to Colombus to Troy's cousins house and spent time with his family. It is always fun to see them and eat lunch and hunt eggs together. Other than the rain and COLD weather in April...Easter weekend was a hit!

Here's my precious new neice! Isn't she beautiful! I mean really! :) There is nothing sweeter than a new baby! Especially when its part of your family! Welcome to the family sweet Avery Naomi!

you know I had to throw one of us in there, right? haha
for more pictures go to: www.neenasnest.blogspot.com


Lynn said...

Where on earth did you find such lovely people? It is so rare that all the people in a photograph are of such beauty! WELL DUH....they are my kids! How not?????

Deanna said...

She's beautiful! :)