Monday, April 16, 2007

Emus, Zebras and BABIES

How would you like to spend your Monday? Oh, lets see....maybe a pedicure, maybe a run around the neighborhood, maybe a movie, maybe rock a sweet new neice, or maybe a day to yourself just scrapbooking? Well, all those sound wonderful but it did not happen to me today! Today I had a field trip with 14 three year olds. Yes, you heard me...14! Of course, I wasn't alone but still..that's beside the point. We took a caravan to the Bayou Wildlife Park in Dickinson. It really is fun. You get to ride the horses, pet the goats and take a 40 minute tram ride around their 80+ acres. The animals literally come right up to you and eat out of your bucket. We saw emus, buffalos, zebras, longhorns, deer, camels, and so many more stinky, hairy & weird looking animals. We even got to see 2 huge alligators....and no, we didn't get to feed them! HA The kids really had a great time once they got used to these HUGE animals coming right up to them. So, need less to say, I am ready for a nap. And I am just a little tired of hearing, "Mrs. Heather, Mrs. Heather". HA....

On Thursday, Macy has her field trip so we are off again...This time to Kemah! Now that will be a fun one.

Baby Avery is doing great. I talked to them today and she is sleeping, pooping, eating and doing all the things babies should be doing. I wish I was there to kiss her but I am feeling a little under the weather today. I know she is in great hands so I guess I'll have to wait! :) She is so precious...I can't wait until Ashley posts some pics..then I can post one! :) We have some really good know Neena! And Ashley! It's amazing how you can love someone so much...babies are truly a gift from God. And, I'm only the old aunt!

****Macy's funny for this weekend...... "Oh, don't shoot Flicka. If you do she'll be deader worser!"

Oh and BTW, that comment made me and Ashley laugh so hard and that might have been the key to putting her in labor. Your welcome, sis.


Lacie said...

Hey girl!!! Kannon would have loved your day!! Hurry Ashley, "SHOW ME THE BABY!!!!"

Holly said...

Um...Mrs. Heather?? Wow you are my hero...14 3 year olds and wildlife too?? Hope you can get some rest girl! I can't wait to see your beautiful new niece too!

Lynn said...

Pictures are posted on Neena's blog! Hope you feel better soon sweetie! Love you all.