Friday, April 13, 2007


SHE'S HERE!!! YIPEE!! Ashley and BA are the proud parents of Avery Naomi! (after our grandmother) She is absolutely beautiful. She weighed 7 lbs and 11 oz and was 21 inches long. She is such a sweet baby and she loves to cuddle! I'm in love! :)

I haven't downloaded any pics yet....its midnight and I'm just getting home and settled. I know Ashley will have pics to post and the story of Avery's arrival. I just wanted you all to know she's here, she's healthy and we appreciate all your prayers. God is good!


Lacie said...

You will LOVE being the "cool and fun" aunt!!! I am so happy for Ashley and BA!!! God is Awsome!

Holly said...

What fantastic news! I'm so glad Avery (what a beautiful name BTW) is here and doing well. As the cool aunt when will you be giving her candy and slurpees--hee! hee!

jodyreese said...

YEA for Avery Naomi...I can't wait to hear your version of the "Lucy and Ethel" (with "Little Rickette") rush to the hospital. This story should keep us entertained for years at the family gatherings. Love all of you, Aunt Jody

Heather said...

Lacie and Holly, Thanks for the sweet comment! And yes, Holly I will be taking her a slurpee next week when I go! haha

Yes JoJo, the story is quite comical! HAHA My ride from the airport getting you for Reeses arrival was much more calmer! HAHA