Tuesday, January 10, 2006


The night of the game Reid was so excited! He had waited for so long! He came down the stairs and had on EVERYTHING longhorn. He had on 3 hats, pillow, hand and used the extra shirt as a rally towel.....he is a hoot! It really was a great game...that Vince Young is amazing!

Here is Reid cheering on Vince Young.....he said he knew we were going to win! I don't even think he took a bathroom break from the exciting game. Reid and Troy were giving high fives and cheering....I was waiting for one of those chest hits that goofy guys do...HA :)

Macy's first field trip....her Mothers Day Out class went to the library! FUN FUN I got to go and and we all had such a good time. After the library we went to the park for a picnic! They loved that! They thought they were such big kids.... and Macy thought it was so cool that they all had on the same shirt...HA HA

My sweeties on Christmas Day. I begged for a picture before church! One day they will be glad I took it!


Ashley said...

Look at my babies! Too cute! The pictures of Reid just crack me up! I'm sure he jumped all OVER the furniture that night!

Keep the pictures coming! I love em!

Love you sister.

Lynn said...

All these pictures make me miss Reid and Macy ( and you all )! They are priceless of Reid and game night. I thought about him through the whole game. Macy looks so grown up on her field trip. I am ready for you all to come for a visit. Surely we won't have to wait for Spring Break. I love you all bunches....Neena