Friday, January 20, 2006

Bye-Bye Naptime

Today is a sad day at the Sab's......I think Macy is finally done with naps! It has been about a week and she hasn't had a nap. :( I always loved that time when she was napping when I could just sit and recoup from the morning. I loved sitting and watching my soap or just listening to music. Sometimes I would do my Bible Study, drink coffee and pray that someone would not come and ring the doorbell and wake her up. Now, don't get me wrong....I love my time with my kids but there was just something about naptime that helped me to be a better Mommy for the rest of the evening.

Everyday after lunch is when she would usually go upstairs to lay down. Today she told me that she didn't need a nap because her happy face was in her pocket and she was fixing to put it on. HA..that girl is a hoot. The good thing about no naps is that she goes to bed alot easier at night. Last night while I was watching ER she came downstairs and got on my lap and fell right to sleep. I love that cuddle has been a long time that she has wanted me to pat her back and rock her. She thinks she is too big for that! :) So, if no naps mean more cuddle time well, then bring it on!

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Lynn said...

You could always come watch your mother take a nap! HA....Oh I remember those sacred nap days. Now, I take them. Really. But it is rather sad that our Macy is growing up. She is such a joy and a quick wit. I am glad her happy face was in her pocket. I sure miss yall!