Friday, December 02, 2005


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did. I love getting to be with family to visit, eat, go walking, and SHOP SHOP SHOP!!! I loved watching Matt, Bubbie, Reid, Troy, Matt and Kyle playing football!! I loved getting to play with, kiss and hold baby Jack. I loved helping in Nana's kitchen.(it gets crowded in there....until dishes time) I loved seeing all the guys (and Kathy... hahaha) taking naps in the living room. I loved sitting on the front porch and visiting with all the girls. I love that my sister and I went on a walk together. I love that Jody is the Underwoods lady. I love that I got to go to the Abilene High game. I love that Bubbie, JD, Troy and I laughed all the way to Waco and back. (how do you remember all those jokes?? HAHA) I love that I got to go with Jenna to see Hollie and Riley. I love holidays at Nana and Poppi's....I love the memories that we make that we will have forever! Can you tell I LOVE my family??!!

I have gotten some of these "Get to know your friends" things and I thought instead of emailing them I would post them...they are fun. I love getting them, Boy, am I in a loving mood tonight!! HA HA HA

Do you wish on stars? sometimes....depends on my mood, I guess.

When did you last cry? yesterday while watching Oprah about girls in Ethiopia....very sad. I can't believe things like that actually go on in other countries.

Do you like your handwriting? I guess...somedays it is better than others

What is your favorite lunch meat? Honey Ham or turkey

When is your birthday? May 20, 1973

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE

Would you ever go bungee jumping? don't know....i'm a little chicken sometimes

What is your favorite cereal? anything that will lower my cholesterol.....I guess Cheerios

Do you untie your shoes before you take them off? yes, i do! :)

Do you think you are strong? I'm not doing Boot Camp for nothin'! HAHA

Shoe Size? 7 It used to be 6 until I had Reid and it went to a size 6 1/2 then I had Macy and it went to a 7!! CAN YOU BELIVE THAT joke

Red or Pink? Pink.

Who do you miss most? my nephews

What color pants and shoes are you wearing? blue jeans, no shoes

Last thing you ate? Jason's Deli...or as Macy calls it...Jason's Jelly

What are you listening to right now? David Letterman talking about Oprah!

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? pink or somedays red...I like blue too....

Who was last person you talked to on the phone? My sissy...I love ya

Favorite Drink? Diet Dr. Pepper or Minute Maid light Mango ...GOOD!!

Favorite Sport? Baseball and football...I guess whatever my boys are watching!

Do you wear contacts? no.....I'm proud to say....20/20 :)

Favorite food? Spaghetti with garlic bread

Last movie you watched? Walk the was very good! Gotta love Reese Witherspoon

What is your favorite day of the year? I love when it is fall and I can open my windows and feel the cool breeze.....and of course...CHRISTMAS!!!

Scary movies or happy endings? happy endings, of course

Summer or winter? Fall and summer....I love when the pool opens!

Hugs or Kisses? both

Favorite Dessert? my moms cherry fluff

What books are you reading? Sisterchicks.......its cute

What is on your mouse pad? Minute Maid Park....GO ASTROS!!

What did you watch last night on TV? nothing...I had a cookie swap to go to... well, I did watch the news and some of nick at night and then I fell asleep

Favorite Smell? Xmas candles burning

Favorite Sounds? my kids playing

Rolling Stones or Beatles? Beatles.

Furthest you've been away from home? Paris, France

Have a great weekend!!

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Ashley said...

I love you, sissy.