Monday, December 19, 2005

Honk if you love Christmas!

Oh my gosh...this town is a ZOO!! I made the mistake of taking the kids to Wal-Mart tonight and it makes me remember why I try to go when they are at school. They were pretty good but it was so crowded that they were stepping on me and once Reid ran over my heels with the cart....OUCH!! I remember doing that to Mom! HA Sorry...I know now that it hurts.....really bad!! Of course, every aisle they wanted something forgetting that X-mas is right around the corner. It's so hard to teach your kids the true meaning of Christmas. They just see presents and that ok because I want them to always believe in HoHo but I also wish that for once when we go to a store that they don't beg for things.....keep dreamin' right??

The traffic is also CRAZY!! I think I got honked at 3 times today. Nothing bad but when you are at a light people don't even give you time to put your foot on the gas before they honk at you to go. PATIENCE PEOPLE... :) It really drives me nuts. I hate the horn..HA Then there are the sweet drivers that will let you in and wave if you let them in as to say Thank you!! :) I love those people! HEE HEE

I am really getting close to being done with all my shopping. It really is fun and I really do love the hustle and bustle but tonight I am tired......kinda like my Mom said...I'm too pooped to pop!
I think the kids will be excited this year. Macy is really understanding it more and is really excited about getting presents from Santa. She wants a dog...or a baby sister.. :) I told her Santa doesn't bring things like that....especially sisters. HA Last year she was excited about the boxes and tissue paper and this year, I have a feeling, will be all about the toys! :) Reid is excited too and of course all his items are a little more grown-up and it makes me sad! This might be his last year to believe and that REALLY makes me sad. My baby is growing up.

Tomorrow is Reid's class party. They are making Gingerbread houses.....that ought to be real messy. He is excited about not having any homework this week and getting to wear his Santa hat to school. He had to have one when we were at Walgreens the other day. (see??....had to have) It looks too cute on him and I'm sure you will all see it soon because he is too excited about wearing it at Nana and Poppi's house on Chirstmas Eve.

Today was Macy's class party. When I picked her up she had green icing ALL over her shirt, face, pants and hair. They made ice cream cone trees. They were too cute but does green icing come out of clothes?? HA... Of course, they were supposed to be decorated with candy but Macy had already eaten all her candy off and her tree was bare....just some of the green icing was all that was left. She also was so proud because she made me a candle holder...very cute. When I opened it she was so eager to see how I was going to react. I think I did everything but do a cartwheel.....I think she wanted a cartwheel. HA

I need to go get some party bags ready for tomorrow.....I hope everyone has a good week and I hope you don't get honked at while you are out shopping!

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Heather said...

Thanks Mom AKA secretary Doty for watching my back (did I spell secretary right??)!! HA HA I was laughing so hard I got all choked up...hee hee

Love You