Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Brax!

It was a great 1st birthday celebration of our little sweetie pie, Braxton.  His party was a blast and all Mickey Mouse theme.  It was precious and right up this little guys alley.  Every time he hears the Mickey theme song, he comes a runnin'.  Well, maybe walkin'.  Or crawlin'.  He almost has the walking thing down.  It is too cute to watch him waddle to where he wants to go.  It won't be too much longer and there will be no stopping this boy.  He is adorable....and he has the best snuggles ever!

We all had fun visiting, laughing, eating, watching the kids run around in circles and playing with all Braxton's new toys.  This little man made a haul.  He got some really cute and fun toys.  Oh, BTW, you should have seen the sugar high that these kids were ALL on.  It was pretty funny.  Between the cake, candy and juice boxes...well, lets just say it was crazy...FUN! 

He LOVED his little cake.  He ate about the whole thing.  I think he was thinking, "Hey, they are letting me eat ALL this...oh, yeah!!"  After he ate he went straight to the bath and his highchair went outside to get squirted off by the water hose. 

Happy 1st birthday, little man!  I love you!

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Kim said...

Such a sweet boy! So glad he had a fun day celebrating! And...you rock at PS!!!