Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Stuff that might bore you....

*I can't believe summer is almost over. One. more. week. Where in the world did it go? Well, ready or not, school starts in a week and ask me if I am, no. Macy picked out her shoes and a few outfits and Reid picked out a couple of things but guess shoes! Oh, that boy. It will take me a whole day of walking the mall and telling him to HURRY AND MAKE A DECISION in order for him to find a pair of shoes. Every year!! Breathe and pray....

*Somedays don't you feel like you could stay in your jammies all is one of those days for me.

*We have another showing today. We have had quite a few this month and still nothing. It looks like the kids will start school at their old schools until we figure out what we will do. I just can't make that drive to the new school everyday not knowing. I hate not knowing. I still trust God and his plan for our family but its hard to understand at times. There is a plan and I have full confidence in that....

*The new house is coming along. It is really neat to see it coming together right before our eyes. We have gone there to check on it some but have tried hard not to get to excited. That is the part I am most upset about. This is supposed to be fun and exciting but instead we are nervous and scared. Where is the fun in that?

*I have been staying up way too late this summer...I need my routine back.

*We just got back from a FUN road trip....just me and the kids....we went to see some very dear friends. They moved away about 4 years ago and we still miss them terribly! The kids LOVE getting together every summer. And so do the mommies! We get out of the car and they pick up like they had just seen each other. And so do the mommies! That makes my heart happy.

*I seriously need to go to the gym today....anyone have some motivation for me? ha!

*Troy turned 40 this month!! Isn't that crazy! And to think, I met him when he was 17. Now, that is crazy. I love that man and am so blessed to have him as my husband. He is also one awesome daddy! The kids think he hung the moon....and I think that, too! The way he takes care of us, provides for our family and loves us is one of God's truest blessings.

*Oh, did you know that peppermint mocha creamer is already at the store?? Hurry up and go get you some! It's deelish!

*Have a happy weekend and a good REST of the summer. It will be Christmas before we know it....YIKES!

......and just in case I bore you too much....WAKE UP!

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Lynn said...

It passed way too fast! I can't believe that pretty soon you'll be in the bleachers and in the homework mode....

Love you all !