Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ringin' in 2010

I thought I would blog January know to start the year off on the right "bloggy" foot. But, no. It didn't happen. I thought about it but was so busy the day just passed me by. It made me sad because I wanted to really start my blogging off right and keep it up for 2010. I vowed to myself to make being a better blogger one of my new years resolutions. Just one. Because I have many.

I love blogs. Really, I do. I think it is a awesome way to journal your life, keep up with other friends and family and have fun doing, here it a new year, a new bloggy attitude, and keeping up with my life. I need your followers, my friends, my family...I need you to help me. If I haven't posted in a while I might need you to just knock me over the head. That might help. I do have some things in store for my blog and hopefully that will help keep you entertained. And for the love of all things good....leave me a comment. It helps my self-esteem. :)

2009 is gone. Honestly, I can say GOODBYE and GOOD RIDDANCE! It was a hard year for our family because of Poppi's death. We miss him so much and can feel his loss all around us. Especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We all missed him so much. We missed him walking behind us picking up the crumbs and the wrapping paper we left behind. Nana's house was a mess because he wasn't there keeping up with all the cousins and our trash. We miss seeing him sweep his sidewalk, cracking funny jokes, leaving us notes, playing games on the computer, driving to the church 50 times a day and those trips to the grocery, oh my! Although he is gone and we miss him so, we know that he would want us to keep going, keep serving the Lord and to remember the great times. I think that is what 2010 is all about....a new start

Here are just a few of the things I want to change in 2010:

*I want to be a better mother and wife. I have been a mom for 13 years and I haved loved every minute of it. Now, listen when I say every minute isn't roses but I love it. This year is a little different....I have a teenager. Need I say more? I pray that this year brings good times and less attitude from my teenager and me. :) I love having a 7 year old and all her girly-ness. She is a princess and I love that. I want to enjoy every minute of mommy hood and give Troy more of my love and more of time. My husband is my rock and I love him dearly. I don't know what I would do without him. I hope that this year we can focus more on our relationship and maybe take a trip or two...or three. My family is my most prized possession.

*I want to be a better Christian woman. I want to spend more time in the word and apply more of it to my everyday life. I want to memorize more scripture and I vow to keep up with my scripture book. I love the Lord and want to also give him more of my time. HE is precious to me. I am thankful for all my blessings and I hope that 2010 will be a year of showing HIM my thankfulness and joy.

*I want to be more healthy. I want to eat healthier and exercise more. I have been struggling with my weight for over 10 years and I hope that 2010 will be the year of kicking that struggle in the tail. Literally.

*I want to be a better blogger and keep up with the fun things going on in our lives.

*I want to be a better friend. A better servant to others.

Happy 2010 to you all. I pray that your year be blessed with all you wish and hope for.....

Oh, by the way. Did you know that today's date is a palindrome? 01-02-2010. Say it backwards...weird. Just a little trivia for you today. :)


jody said...

Thank you for blogging, dearie. We have missed "hearing your voice". C'mas was lovely being with all of you, even though there was that huge gaping hole you mentioned. Sigh...we will always miss him so. Wish you were here to walk with me tonight. Jordan will make me do that DVD she has and it is a killer. love you!

Kim said...

What great goals for 2010!!! I am right there with you on all of them. Can't wait to see you. And I LOVE the number fact! Too cool!

Holly said...

Soooo happy to see a new post! Keep 'em coming...

Excellent choices and thoughts on your goals for this new year. Can I just say ditto for me? ;)

Love ya!!

Lynn said...

Love your post and all your resolutions.....Just add my name to that list of things I want to do too. You are an awesome example to all and especially your mom. I could NOT love you more. You are an amazing woman.

Daesha said...

Great resolutions. I do enjoy reading your posts, so keep them coming!