Friday, July 24, 2009

Blogging funk and chicken

Ok, so I really want to get my blog up and going. I feel like I have been in a blogging funk FOREVER! I struggle with what to write about. Also, what do people want to hear? Are you tired of seeing videos and pictures of my kids? And another there anyone out there that cares but my sweet mother? LOL I always have things go through my head that I want to blog about and then when I sit down...I have nothing. So, I guess what I am needing is some feedback....from you, Mom. :) And whoever else is out there...what do you want to hear from Heather's House? I need help.

Today we have done NOTHING and it feels oh so good!! I did take the kids to chick-fil-a and let me tell you...that place rakes in the money. Every time we go there, which is quite a bit, it is always crowded. I swear they could build another one right next door and it would do just as good. I think I might look into a franchise. :) So, other than an outing for Chick, we have been lazy. I love being home with my kids....I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. Well, the beach....but I want my kids with me. :)


Lynn said...

I don't think it matters what you write about, how many pictures of those beautiful children you put up or how many videos you post. The world needs to see. You must have a voice. The country needs you. And your mother said so.

I hate you've been in a funk. But, so have I. So, I can't say a thing. I LOVE YOU.

Heather said...

thanks, mom. i can always count on you....i love you.

jody said...

Of course I read your blog. I check every day to see if you have posted. I need to see how the kiddies are doing and what you're thinking about on any given day. I'm still waiting for the video of you & M performing at the dance recital. So...keep blogging! And let's try to post a little more often. ha! Love you!

Robin B said...

I care! I haven't updated mine in who knows how long...not sure if I even have one reader! LOL
We need to take that trip to the beach...2 weeks until I have 15 days off!!! woo hoo...splashtown/galveston/pool/chick-fil-a here we come!!! better watch out I am ready for some fun! :)

Holly said...

I'm happy to see you blogging more--about whatever--because that's what it's for. Don't be IN a funk, just enjoy some funky music.