Friday, September 12, 2008

We are safe and at my Mom and Dad's. We are thankful to be out of Houston. Today I have been watching have a live feed and I have been stuck to it like glue. I am glad I can watch whats going on but now that I really know what's going on...I am scared to death. These are some of the things I realized I forgot when we evacuated.....

*My wedding album
*My favorite Bible
*My pillow I have had since I was a child
*Macy's pink baby blanket that she sleeps with and has had since she was born
*All our personal information
*OK..silly, but my Fiesta dishes. I l-o-v-e them and if they float away I will be so sad.
*Our sweet fish, Ella,she was a good fish!
*Our crabs. There are two. I guess if the water comes in they will know what to do...they are crabs for goodness sakes.
*My pictures from high school
*Some of the kids baby pictures that I left in the closet
*All the pictures that my kids have ever drawn for me
*Reid says his PlayStation
*Macy forgot Itty Bitty Baby
*My kids baby outfits that I brought them home from the hospital in.....
*My Winnie the Pooh cup. But, I know my sister will give me hers...right?
*My kids hand print plates
*My has pictures on it that I haven't saved to disk yet. What was I thinking?
*Reid's baby his old pacifiers that he LOVED! Yes, I keep those things. I can't help it.

OK..I have to stop. I think I might be sick. I could go on and on....I left everything but my scrapbooks and a few pictures. You just never think about things that you need to get and things that mean alot to you that you might not ever see again. There are so many things in my house that mean so much to me. Not material things but things that belonged to my Mom, my Nana and my great Granny. That makes me sad. I did save a painting that Nana did and some letters from Granny...those things cannot be replaced. And even though my dishes and stuff like that can be replaced it still makes me sad. I know who gave me every piece. I am sentimental like that, I guess.

As of now, Ike will hit land in about an hour. Please pray for our town...for the people who were crazy enough to stay in Galveston. It looks like Ike will definitely do some damage...its just where and how much is the question.


Giggi said...

I love the list! It puts life in perspective when you get down to what really matters to you! Love you & glad your safe in the 'ville! I bet all those things will be waiting for you when you get home!

pruittsplace said...

yes... pictures from high school! there's probably a pic of a cool guy with a mullet!
i'm talking about me, not ben, brian, jason, scoggins & gui (mini mullets), philip, rob, loren, ... need i go on?
glad you are back safe!