Thursday, January 17, 2008

Houston Half 2008

I guess since it has been 5 days I better post about my half marathon. I am finally back to myself. No more limping. No more holding on the the rails as I go down (or up) stairs. No more Biofreeze on my knee. No more begging for leg massages. I am back! And let me tell you...I feel good.
Here is the start line. It gives me butterflies just thinking about it. :) What fun!! The Hilton behind the start line is where we all stayed. We had so much fun and being so close to the action was great. Last year I had to get up at 4 AM to get downtown. This year I was up at 6 and out the door by 6:30am to meet the girls for stretcting and lining up. It was exciting. And to make it better, Troy and the kids didn't have to get up so early either. They were snug as bugs when I left the room. I was jealous. :)

This is Maria, Me and Holly. These girls are AWESOME!
They both ran 26.2 miles! This picture was taken at the Blessing
of the Feet dinner that our running club puts on.
It is a fun time of food and prayers for our aching feet.

Here are my babies cheering me on! It was a welcome sight
when I saw them at mile 9. Their smiles kept me going! They both wanted to run the rest of the way with me.

A litte action shot! This is me and Cathy. She is a friend from Bay Area Fit. She is great and really kept me moving out there.

We sure missed Robin...she is out with a hurt leg. I have been running with her for almost 2 years. It was weird not having her out there. GET BETTER ROBIN!

Here we are after the race. Don't I look lovely! yuck!
I did just run 13.1 miles...can you see my medal? ha!

It was a great run. The weather was great and the crowd out there was even better. I don't know how I really got started in this running thing but I am so glad I did. It has changed my life forever. I finished 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 42 minutes. It was a personal record for me. I was really excited! Now I am ready for the next April.....anyone wanna to join me??


Holly said...

Yea for Heather!! I'm so proud of you and your PR. That is fabulous, girl! Can't wait until April too.

jody said...

Oh boy, that is amazing. If I lived in houston I would have to start running with you; although I might walk a little, too. really does look like a lot of fun (and work). I'm so proud of you. Love, jojo

Lynn said...

That is absolutely amazing and I just cry reading and watching it. I love it and I am so PROUD. You go girl......Love you

Ashley said...

Yay Sissy!

Mom and I had fun watching it live on the internet on I was glued to it until I finally saw you cross. Thanks to Troy who told me where you were!

I am so proud of you!

Love you!

Lacie said...

I am sooo proud of you!!! April?

I love the pictures! What memories are being made!

Kim said...

I am so proud of you for finishing your second half and cutting so much tim eoff your time!!! I truly was a thrill to see wach of you as you ran. What a great accomplishment!!!

Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK!!! I missed running with you, but you ROCKED!!!! I hope I will be ready by April to run again because i missed running with you! Great looked great after running 13.1 miles girl! congrats...did I tell you that you ROCK?! :o)
love and blessings!

Giggi said...

Wow!!! I am about crying watching you cross the finish line. Did you know you are amazing!?!!! I am so proud of you!

pruittsplace said...

awesome! i'm out of commission now due to lack of sleep!!! no time for runnin'... but hopefully in a month or so. we have a treadmill, so i'll have to get to movin' sometime quick.
hey, when is the 1/2 in april? and where? just wondering...
have a great weekend!