Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sea World 2006

We just got back from Sea World and let me tell you...if you plan on going you better not forget yout tennis shoes! I think I walked off 10 pounds. Well, I wish I walked off 10 pounds but you get my drift. This place is huge! The first day we were there we did the shows, petting the dolphins, aquarium, etc. It was really awesome. The Shamu show was really great. And of course, we had to sit in the splash zone. I figured we wouldn't really get that wet but I took my towel just in case. Well, good thing I did because that big whale got us soaking. I had to wring my towel out before he came back around the second time to drench us with cold, COLD salt water. Macy and Reid thought it was the best.....Troy and I thought....WHY did we sit in the splash zone???? We should have done that last because we walked around with wet socks and shoes for hours. Reid got a blister from his wet shoes. He was the only one whining....thats a different story....HA

The second day we did the water park. It was really fun. It was alot more relaxing than the day before! There wasn't as much walking. I myself loved the LAZY RIVER. Reid and Troy caught the tube rides while Macy and I swam in the lazy river and wave pool. I did get to catch a few tube rides and they were fun...all except the black tube ride that Reid insisted that I go on. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. I screamed all the way down. I hate dark rides...Especially when you are in water and on a tube. YIKES! It was a fun day of sunscreen (lots of it), wedgies, goggles, lifejackets, flip-flops, sunglasses, water shoes, cute little necklaces for souvenirs, and yummy ice cream (that cost 4.10 per cone!) Yes, when you go...make sure you take a million dollars to spend in the park on goodies!

The best part of the trip was being together. I have two wonderful children who still love kisses, hugs and holding my hand. I have an awesome husband who loves me even though I get wedgies coming off of a tube ride. I'm not perfect! HA

They are my world. Thank you Father for the joys in my life.

Shamu, Reid and Macy take time to pose for a picture. This was after a long day at the water park. We were going to see Shamu for the second time BUT we did not sit in the splash zone!!

Troy and the kids at the aquarium. We watched them feed the sting rays and got to see some pretty cool sharks. Troy liked that part. :) See Reid holding that fan that he HAD to have?? Next time you see him ask him how much that little fan cost. That boy....he did share though!

Mom and kids before the first Shamu show...BEFORE we got wet. This was us sitting in the splash zone not knowing what was fixing to happen! HA Good thing I wasn't wearing a white t-shirt!


Lynn said...

Great details of the vacation! It sounds like lots of fun. I, too, remember sitting in the splash zone one time. Lots of wonderful memories. Miss yall bunches and think it's time for a visit. LOVE YOU ALL.........Mom

Ashley said...

i love them all! i love coming here and seeing all the pictures of my beautiful family...Awwwww. Keep them coming. Hope your staying dry today and the streets down your way aren't flooded.

Love you,
Your #1 sister

Ashley said...

Oh and mom's comment says that y'all should come and visit. Don't yall visit like EVERY weekend? ha!

Now you have #3 comments....and you say that you only get 2. You are SO get 3. ha!

Coach Doty said...

hey, i love to see the pics. I am trying this bloggin thing one more time.

jodyreese said...

Oh boy...that really brought back memories of fun family vacations...I think Justin looked just like Reid in their caps and dragging little sisters around. Those were wonderful days! Sadly, though, we never did Sea World. I guess I will have to take Riley someday! Love ya'll...Jody

Jenna said...

Those are such great pictures! It sounds like Sea World was so much fun... Matt and I might need to make a road trip. I'll be back in Houston tomorrow... Yea! We need to get together soon and hit the pool... You've had a month to work on your tan without me!

Love you,

Giggi said...

I think Ray would be happy to pass the whole Clark title on to Troy! Ha! Aren't family vacations great! Even greater are the pictures and the memories! We love ya'll! Aunt Kathy