Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Why is it so hard to blog?? I don't know maybe its because I feel like this "season" of my life is CRAZY. It's a fun crazy but one thing I know is that at night when I lay my head down I'm out like a light. Who needs Tylenol PM when you have two kids who like to go, go, go. :)

A few quick updates and rambles:

**There are so many things that need to be done around here. If you came to my house right now you would think a bomb went off. I don't know how people do it. It seems like my house is always a mess. Yes, its toys, laundry, etc...but I can't keep up. Anyone have any good tips on keeping your house decent just in case there is that one friend that decides to pop on over like last week..... HA

**Reid's team is in 2nd place. We went from dead last to actually doing great. We still have a few games left so who knows what our standing will be. The boys are just excited that as of tonight...we are in 2nd. :) Reid had a great game tonight. He hit a triple....he was thrilled. He also made a great out at 1st. I didn't know his little legs could stretch so far off the base. :) He loves playing 1st base. It makes me nervous. The cheerleader in me comes out when he is playing...I never thought I'd be one of those loud Moms but I am. But I do have to say I never say, "Good Eye, Good Eye" (MOM...HA HA HA) I mean get eye??? Who can play baseball like that. heehee

**Macy loves baseball games too.....or should I say the concession stand. Tonight she had popcorn, Sunny-D juice, green apple airhead, watermelon airhead, a push pop (until it fell on the ground and broke into a million candy pieces), and a ICEE push up. I keep score at the games so she knows when she asks me I will just hand her some change. I didn't realize she had had so much until I looked at her shirt and it was covered with food.......she's a smart kid. Now I just pray that there will be no puking in the Sab's house tonight. Next game I need to pay better attention....

**As you can see baseball is our life right now.

**Macy turned 4 last week. WOW I really can't believe that. I will have to post some pictures from her big day. She was so excited about her birthday. This is such a fun age. She woke up and was so excited about being 4...she kept asking me if she was four and kept saying are you sure?? HA We are truly blessed by having her as our daughter. I will try to do a post just for her when I get some pictures. She is such a blessing to me....both my kids are. Sometimes at night when I tuck them in (for the 100th time) I just stare at them and kiss their little cheeks over and over....pure joy.

**I love my family

**I love my friends

**I need to have a garage sale......gag

**Reid was riled up this morning about that mean guy from the A's that was trying to beat up John Lackey. He wasn't too happy about that guy and said that if he was John he would have done the same thing. :) He was late to school today because he had to make sure he had all the facts straight. I'm sure that was what the boys talked about on the playground. hee hee

**I'm ready for the pool to open....not for bathing suits though.

**I need a haircut...but who has time??

I guess I better sign off for now...I'm sure there is alot more I could ramble about but I will save that for another post. I will try to be better about posting more often. It's a great stress reliever! HA Oh, and I will try to post some recent pictures...if I can get Troy to download them for me....he's a pro at that stuff.


jodyreese said...

FINALLY A POST!! How can I hear about your life if you only post once a month? You and your little sister need to get with it. Or else you could call your aunt every week. I love hearing about your days. That certainly brings back baseball memories for us. Jenna and Sarah Lackey used to take coloring books and play school. It was just too boring watching John and Justin play ball. Now we pay money to see John play! We love ya'll. Aunt Jody

Jenna said...

Hey Hezzy...

I meant to call you this week. It's been crazy for us too! We're actually going to Abilene this weekend. And I'm soooo sad we're missing Macy's party! Has she already had her dance recital? And I want to see Reid play baseball too... I'll call you when we get back in town so we can get together...

Love you! Tell Macy we said "Happy Birthday!