Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Question: How do you know your child has had too much of the TAKS test?
Answer: He falls asleep at his desk and falls on the floor.


Jenna said...

That is tooo funny! I thought about Reid yesterday. Did he really fall asleep at school and fall on the floor? Poor thing... I hate that silly test.


Hollie Reese said...

Did Reid do that? Poor guy! That test is way too much stress for our little ones!

wkvke said...

I can't believe he actually fell out of his chair. Is he all right? Bless his heart. Was he humiliated? I do not like that test for the little ones. nana

Lynn said...

My poor baby. I think it is time for R & R at Neena's. I am so glad it's over for him and I know he did great. If I would have had to have taken that test I would be the oldest one in 3rd grade. Can a 54 year old still fit in a desk? I love you all....Mom

jodyreese said...

Okay...we need the whole story of the fall...spell out all the details. Our poor Reid. We all hate the test!! When will the state of Texas stand up and say "NO MORE"? Maybe Reid will lead the charge for all of us. I am missing all of you. We wished you could have been here for Sing Song. Love, Aunt Jody