Wednesday, February 22, 2006

TAKS makes you sleepy...zzzzzzz

Well, yesterday after school I went in to talk to Reid's teacher. I wanted to see how he did and to make sure he didn't rush through the test (yes, I'm a little overprotective! HA). Reid's teacher said he did great and finished about 12:30 or 1:00. She said after all the kids were done they could sit at their desk and either read a book or lay their heads down to rest. Reid wanted to rest.....Ms. D said that she left the room to take a break and another teacher came in to relieve her. When she got back Reid was snuggled up under his desk sound asleep. She went over to him and touched his back to make sure he was ok and the little girl that sits next to Reid said, "Ms. D he was sleeping and he just fell out of his chair and went back to sleep." The teacher that had come in to relieve Ms. D never even knew he fell out....he didn't even know he fell out! She said he stayed snuggled up under his desk for about 30 minutes! HA It was so funny. She was cracking up. She said she had never had a child fall out of his chair from exhaustion! HA

I think he is so glad that it is over. I am so glad that it is over!! Last night we went to Gattiland to celebrate all his hard work. His Math TAKS is in April and then we will really celebrate. :)

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Ashley said...

That still cracks me up! Poor Baby was tired! I'm glad that they are over for him....for now and that he thought it was so easy. Smart Boy!

love you