Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pray without ceasing.....

I have tried for days to post about Hurricane Katrina but I cannot find the words. My heart aches for the people who have lost everything. I can hardly put my mind around it. The news is depressing to watch but I have been glued to it since day one. I want to help so badly but don't know what to do. All the people are right here in my town and I feel completly helpless. Our church is taking in people and hopefully I can be used there. I don't know.... what do you when you don't know what to do? (that was a weird sentence...) I wish I could help like Oprah. She is one amazing woman. I watched her show today and it was very touching. I didn't get up the whole hour...my eyes were open to things I thought I would never see. The devastation and sadness she showed was unreal.

Reid got 1 student in his class today and 1 across the hall. There are many more thru the school. I really think his eyes were open to the tragedy today when those precious children told them of everything they lost. Can 9 year olds really understand the depth of the horrible aftermath of the hurricane? I can barely understand it. All we can do is pray, especially for the little children.

Tonight my heart is heavy.......

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Ashley said...

I love you sissy. Its a horrible thing and I hope that only good comes out of this.

PS. I transfered my blog to blogspot..so here I am!! www.lauraashleyallen.blogspot.com Im allowing everyone in and have abandoned my .com for this.

I love you. Now, Go to bed.