Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My Little Picasso

I had to sit down for a minute and blog before I lost my ever loving mind!! ha ha Macy is really trying my patience today. She is a ring tale tooter....Last month she wrote on my couch with a red marker and then when I asked her who did it she blamed it on Reid......UGHHH!! How do they learn to lie?? So, she got in a little trouble. Well, today I am cleaning up toys and I notice a blue crayon on my carpet and I look a little closer and yes, you guessed it.....I nice little portrait on my tile floor in the entry way. So, I ask her about it and it wasn't Reid this time...the conversation went a little something like this:

Me: "Macy, what happened to my floor?"
Macy: "What? I don't know" (with hand on hips and a confused look on her face)
Me: "Why is there blue crayon all over my floor?"
Macy: "Well, I wanted to color my baby dolls face and we got it all over the floor but it was a accident ok mommy."
Me: Your daddy will be so sad when he gets home and sees the floor."
Macy: "No he won't"
Me: "Please go sit on your bed and think about what you did."
Macy: "I already did think about what I did."

OK....what do I do about my budding artist and anyone have any ideas about how to get crayon off the tile?? I haven't even tried to scrub's been one of those days. I hope tomorrow I will laugh about this.. :)

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Ashley said...

Oh my little honey! I just laughed so hard!!! You need to get a Mr. Clean Magic eraser...OR...just a regular sponge and make that sweet darling niece of mine clean it up!

Count to ten! Love ya