Thursday, May 12, 2011

Knee deep and a case of hives

I'm knee deep in boxes.  Knee deep in memories.  Knee deep in old pictures and artwork.  Knee deep in handprints and letters from my kids.  Knee deep in tape, sharpies and newspapers.  I have had black hands all day from wrapping all my pretties.  Call me crazy but many times throughout this whole process I have wished I was Samantha from Bewitched.  Twitching my nose seems like a far easier route than the the one I am on.  ((twitch, twitch))  Um, nope.  Nothin'.  Guess I will keep on keepin' on.  Knee I come.

Yesterday I got a LOT done!  We had workers here working on some things that we needed get to get done before the closing.  Which is June 3rd.  Can I just say...ugh!  Anyway, I hadn't planned on packing yesterday.  It just happened.  I thought for a split second that I could get caught up on all my favorite shows, play on the computer or maybe take a nap.  Then I quickly decided that would not be the best decision.  So, I started packing.  Man, it really is good therapy.  Once I started packing I was a wild women.  Well, that is until I got to my scrapbooks.

Oh, man.  If you want a good cry just sit down for 45 minutes and flip through your life.  All those memories came flooding back and the flood gate of tears opened.  I can't believe how big my kids have grown.  All those pictures seemed like I took them yesterday.  I am so thankful for the memories and for a split second I wanted my babies back.  Then I thought about it and I love the age they are.  They are fun and independent.  They love God and they make decisions that make me and their Dad proud....sometimes.  ha!  I mean what teenager and tweenager really do things without asking.  I still have to nudge a little.  They are still kids and still love on me and need me.  I love that.  They are really showing their personalities and I catch glimpses every now and then of how they might be as an adult.  I am so thankful for them....and my scrapbooks.  ha!

I got about 10 boxes packed yesterday.  Between tears and giggles I feel like I am making a little head way.  It feels good to get a little bit accomplished.  I still have a long way to go.  Long way.  Makes me break out in hives just thinking about it. 

Now, speaking of hives we are looking to find a place to live for the summer.  Our new house won't be done until the end of August.  So, I have also been knee deep in apartment and hotel hunting.  Why is it so hard?  I better not ask that.  The Sab's might just be pitching a tent or sleeping in the car for the summer.  Hey, it will be an experience we will never forget.  ;)


Lynn said...

I know a great place. It might be a little far for Troy to commute, though. But, you will get spoiled rotten.,,

Kim said...

sniff sniff!!! HOller and I'll come cry/pack with you! LOVE YOU!

Heather's House said...

Mom...don't think I haven't thought about it. ha! Love u!

Kim...I almost called for back up yesterday but didn't wanna expose you to my pity party. haha! Love u

Heather's House said...

I know I had some comments on here...don't know where they went. Thanks though... :)