Sunday, February 22, 2009


(sorry I couldn't get the video to load so I had to do the link)

See this movie, and watch this will change your marriage, your life and your walk with our Heavenly Father. It's a great date night movie, too. :) And who doesn't L-O-V-E- Kirk Cameron?? Come on...Take the Love Dare! I double dog dare you. Enjoy the music rocks. If you need a copy of the can borrow mine. I'm serious.

I know it has been a while since I posted. Things are still crazy around but crazy. The kids keep us busy and we love it. Between baseball, basketball, dance, church, girl scouts, girl scout cookies, and Troy's crazy schedule I can hardly keep up. Sometimes I don't know if I'm coming or going. Hopefully soon I can post some fun pictures of the happenings in my house...I have quite a bit to share. It's just all jumbled up in my brain for now. :)

Have a great day. :)


Robin said...

I will bite! I have wanted to see that movie for a while...and i
L-O-V-E Kirk Cameron!!! I used to have posters of him ALL over my bedroom when I was Hannah's age- (if you tell anyone i will deny, deny, deny) ha ha
BTW...this is the first break I have taken today- 12 hours of non-stop studying...what WAS i thinking when I went back to school????

Giggi said...

Love the video, and I do want to get that movie. Glad you updated! I've missed you!

Lynn said...

I, too, am glad you posted! Even though I missed the kids pictures on the screen. I don't know how you have time to find your camera though! Love you bunches!

Megan Hancock said...

So random that you posted about this. I watched the movie this past weekend. I couldn't believe how amazing it was. I bawled the entire time. I've looked online at their website, and am going to order the devotionals that go along with it.


Holly said...

So I should move this to the top of my Netflix queue?