Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is my very first "self portrait Tuesday"! Can I get a yipee?? I've always thought they looked fun but I have never jumped on the bandwagon. Which is suprising because I am a bandwagon jumper! LOL! I love new and fun ideas. Especially when I don't have to come up with them. :)
So, I looked on Lelly's blog and the SPT for today is:
Were you able to treat yourself with a special valentine?
Well, yes I was...even though I like flowers, chocolate, jewlery, scrapbook stuff, running gear, etc.... this is my sweetest Valentine ever. My baby boy is my heart. Oh, Reid.....Will you be my Valentine?

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Lynn said...

OK here's the deal. You can have him on odd days and I get him on even. He is MY boy actually. We'll alternate weekends. I love you all ........