Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This is a little interview on Macy's Weekend in Smithville...hope you enjoy it. She really had fun and loves being there. I am glad... :) I will try to interview Reid later when he gets home from school . His anwers might be a little more interesting! HA Macy was hard to get to slow down. She was in the middle of playing Polly Pockets. HA And we all know how much fun THAT is. :)

What was you favorite thing to do at Neenas?

Ummm, writing with Neena when she was in front of me. I liked to weared those red shoes. Oh, and play outside. I think thats all.

Did you have fun?

Yeah, I really did have fun.

What time did Neena make you go to bed? that late?? I slept and snuggle buggled with Neena.

What did you eat at Neena's house?

Um, breakfast and thats all.

Did Neena let you do anything you want?

Oh yes, we played outside, played on the swings. We didn't get to swin because Papaw said it was too cold outside. And the pool was yucky. I don't think Papaw cleaned it yet. I'm gonna tell him to do that.

Did you go to Nana and Poppi's house?

Yeah, it was fun. I stayed there for a while because Neena said. But I liked it. Oh, and I did play a jumping game.

Did Nana jump with you?

Oh, No...just me. She just watched me. :)

What else did you do there?

I just like ate jellybeans, skittles, and that all. I think I forgot something.


Lynn said...

I love it! Out of the mouths of babes. We did have fun though and I wish we could play everyday. I love you all oodles and oodles.

Giggi said...

They really shouldn't be so tough on her! And Matt says I'm the weakest link! Well, I say that's what grandmas do. Wish Macy could run on up to see us! We'll go to Flix Flags. Love ya!

Ashley said...

That was funny!

silken said...

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