Wednesday, October 12, 2005


A sign that your child has been watching too much Mary Poppins.....

*I told Macy to go pick up her toys and while she thought I wasn't looking she started snapping her fingers like her toys were just gonna jump in the toy box on their own. SO FUNNY!

*She dances like a penguin.

*She HAD to have an umbrella at Wal-Mart yesterday.

*She told me that medicine is really good.

*She often wears a hat around the house.

*She likes to use the chalk on the sidewalk like Bert

The girl keeps me laughing.


Lynn said...

That girl keeps me laughing too. She is just too precious. Of course, I am not at all prejudiced. She reminds me alot of another little girl I used to know and adore. And still do. Her mom! I LOVE YOU ALL

Ashley said...

Thats funny!!

At least she gave you a break from Cinderella!! Love you!