Sunday, May 15, 2005

Summer's here!!

The good news is....THE POOL IS OPEN!!! yeah!! The bad news's swimsuit season!! yuck.....Oh, well!! Yesterday was spent at the pool and the kids were so excited. Of course, Reid is a little fish and swims all over the place. I can hardly watch minute he's diving for toys and one minute he's doing a cannonball off the diving board. He is so funny to watch especially when he wears his goggles and his face gets all squished!! It's hilarious! But its nice that he swims so well because I don't have to watch him constantly. He's a good kid!!

Then there is....Miss No Swim. Macy is terrified of the pool. It kind of reminds me of cousin Justin at swimming lessons...ha ha She holds on to my neck and won't let go...even after I begged her!! After about an hour or so she warmed up to it a little and decided that it would be ok to sit on the step. So, thats where I spent my swimming time.....on the steps!! Not really my idea of burning calories but I did get a little sun. She is already ready to go back today. She said that she will swim better today.....I don't know if I should believer her?? ha ha No, it's really fun to take them even if I do have one around my neck. Ok...picture this....I'm trying NOT to fall out of my bathing suit and I have Macy hanging on my neck and Reid throwing me a "splash bomb" so we can play catch and black mascara running down my face. Not a pretty picture, huh!! But I'm sure it made for a good laugh for some of the moms who just go there to lay out!! hee hee

Everyone is laying down now (except for Reid...he's playing a little Game Cube....quietly!!) and it is nice and quiet around here. I should be cleaning or doing something more productive!! But oh, well...first things first. It's been a while since I have blogged. A couple of weeks ago I typed a really sweet blog about Macy's birthday and then when I tried to save it to went to la-la land!! That makes me mad when that was a good one too!! :)

Reid's last baseball game is on Monday. It's been a fun season even though we were like 2 and 12...ha ha!! The boys just had fun getting to play and they were happy that they won at least one game! They had their end of the season party on Thursday. It was at Gattiland and let me tell you it was crazy!! If you have never been to Gattiland you have to go at least's WILD!! They got their trophies and Reid thought he had just won the World Series....he was really proud of his trophy!! Last year their trophies were bobble head ones..they were pretty ugly so, he was glad this year when he saw that they were normal ones!! He's wanting to play basketball this summer so I doubt things will slow down much!! But that ok...its a fun kind of busy!!

Oh, I wanted to send out another congrats to my baby brother and sissy in law on their graduation!! We went to Abilene this last weekend and got to spend time with everyone and we had a wonderful time. We are so proud of them and their accomplishments and wish them nothing but good things to come!! :) We love you guys!! Thanks to Jo-Jo and Jim for letting us stay with them!! It was a blast and we are all ready to come back!! PaPaw might not be ready to drive to Abliene but if he will, we will be there!! :)

Well, I guess I have rambled on long enough...I better go get some things done around here!!


Jenna said...

Swimming with the Sabrsula's sounds like fun! I'm glad you posted yesteday...we hadn't heard from you in awhile. :) Hope y'all are all enjoying the last few weeks of school. I can't wait for summer!

tine said...

i am glad to see you didn't fall off the face of the blogging earth! i was missing your fun posts! and i was so glad that baby jack got to play with yall in abilene...we missed yall and wished we could have been there, but jack told us all about it...he's ready for another trip to smithville too! maybe this summer!